In this post we try to discuss Basics of cloud , Artificial intelligence in general and also how google cloud AI provides services for the same . Before getting into Google cloud services in particular , lets try to understand the purpose of cloud computing and the resources they offer.

What is Cloud computing?

Over the last decade a lot of services have turned online. Movies, songs, shopping and storage services and much more. Many businesses are now providing online services/shops/courses.

Traditionally to come up with your own online service , you would have required to buy and assemble hardware devices for computing , storage and security purposes. You would have required to build giant servers and data warehouses .

And if your business had to upscale itself you would have required setting up new hardware devices according to need.

Yet another problem would have been handling customer load and also your hardware location to become a single point failure service (as in case of any technical issue at that location , your entire service would go down.

Google Cloud or cloud computing in general tries to provide a solution for these problems. Imagine someone providing a service that allow you to focus on building your product, its marketing and provides you with managed hardware resources , ensures data security and allows you to scale up and down according to the need of the hour.

google cloud AI

To summarize The features of cloud computing are:

Cloud FeaturePurpose
MaintenanceYou can choose what level of administrative of management you want to handle and what the cloud service provider should handle
data securityCloud services like google cloud /AWS are highly secure and you can be ensured of data security
multi-point failureCollapse of a certain data center/Temporary issues of a certain data center wont cause your service to fall down
Storage servicesYou get huge storage capacities
Pay as you goPossibly one of the best features of the cloud is that it assigns compute resources according to the traffic on your service and hence you pay for only what you use .
Hosting servicesIt provides you to host applications on the cloud ,
BIG data and machine learning (cloud AI)You can run big data clusters on cloud . Also you can run machine learning and deep learning models (training and deployment ) on the cloud

Now we have a basic understanding of what cloud computing is, lets have a brief discussion on AI.

What is AI?

AI models are softwares that can make human-like intelligent decisions/predictions when introduced to new or real world data . Intelligent learning based softwares are required when rule based softwares are not enough to solve a problem.

We won’t dive into great detail regarding the mathematics/Algorithms behind ml dl or AI in this post but lets list down a few cases where online businesses utilize AI:

  1. recommendation systems (Netflix ,amazon , flipkart)
  2. Language translation tasks
  3. Sentiment analysis in tweets, comments and products reviews
  4. Fraud detection using machine learning
  5. Object/face detection, classifying/locating objects
  6. Document classification

and the list goes on and on. Have a look on the stats below to have an estimate of major industries are incorporating AI in their respective domains

image ref: NVIDIA BLOG

Now we have a look at Google cloud AI services :


Google cloud provides many services in general. Lets list down a few:

GCP computeCompute engine, Kubernetes engine and VMware engine
Serverlesscloud run, cloud functions, app Engine
StorageFilestore, Cloud Storage, Data Transfer
DatabasesBigtable , data store database migration , firestores , memorystore, spanner and SQL
Application IntegrationAPI Gateway, Cloud Scheduler
Big dataComposer, Data proc, dataflow and data stream
Networking and operationsnetwork services ,VPC network, Network security ,Monitoring, debugger , logging
Artificial intelligence Vertex AI , AI building blocks , AutoML ,Text-to-Speech and more

AI services in detail

Now lets focus our attention to discuss the Google cloud AI services in particular

google cloud AI

GCP allows you to prepare your data , train models and deploy models into production.

Also GCP AI and machine learning products helps you to select features according to your specific needs. Below are the GCP AI and ml products:

  1. Build with AI – Products like Auto ml , Ai infrastructure
  2. Conversational AI- APIs for speech to text and text to speech conversion
  3. AI for documents-Natural language , translation tasks computer vision tasks
  4. AI for industries- Media translation , Recommendation systems, Healthcare NLP

As we have seen that GCP allows you to use big data queries to get and preprocess your data , bwlow you can visualize the entire workflow of the AI project cycle from beginning to deployment . Notice how one can build notebooks ,pipelines all on cloud premises itself.

google cloud AI


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